Instantly Switch from REST APIs to PUSH API Endpoints


Key Features

Seamless Conversion

Seamless Conversion

Efficient Data Handling

Efficient Data Handling

 Scalable Solutions

Scalable Solutions

Api Works

How It Works

  • Polling and Caching : CURIE.PushIt polls the specified REST endpoint at set intervals or based on trigger events, storing the latest data in a cache.
  • Push Notifications: When data changes, the new data is pushed to subscribers via WebSocket, ensuring they always have the latest information.
  • Trigger Events: Supports trigger events to refresh cache efficiently, reducing unnecessary polling and ensuring timely data updates. Trigger events could be for individual methods too. For instance, a CRUD (database) update.
  • Subscription Management: Easily manage subscriptions with endpoints for subscribing and unsubscribing, ensuring efficient data handling.

Data Flow Details

Subscribe Example

subscribe/v1/mymethod will be converted to a long poll on /v1/mymethod. When the data changes, an update is sent to subscribers via WebSocket.

Unsubscribe Example

unsubscribe/v1/mymethod will be treated as unsubscribe. When received by the bridge, if there are no other subscriptions, the entry for that REST method and the last received values are removed.

Use Cases

  • Real-Time Applications: Ideal for applications requiring real-time data updates such as financial services, social media feeds, and live sports updates.
  • Scalable Data Solutions: Perfect for handling large-scale data applications where efficient data distribution is crucial.
  • Modernizing Legacy Systems: Seamlessly integrates with existing REST APIs, modernizing legacy systems without the need for a complete overhaul.
Use Cases


Improved User Experience

Provides immediate updates, enhancing the responsiveness of your application.

Reduced Server Load

By only polling data when necessary, it minimizes server load and optimizes resource usage.

Easy Integration

Simple to implement with existing REST endpoints, saving development time and resources.

Real-Time Updates

Unlike REST, Push API delivers real-time data, perfect for live notifications, chat apps, and analytics.

Enhanced Security

The Push API ensures secure, reliable data transmission, crucial for applications with sensitive information.

Benefits of API

Steps to Transition



Evaluate Current API Usage

Identify which parts of your application rely on the Legacy REST API. Decide on the REST endpoints that need to transition to PUSH API.



Set Up CURIE.PushIt

CURIE.PushIt polls REST endpoints at set intervals or trigger events, caches the data, and sends automatic WebSocket updates to subscribers when changes occur.

And that's it! With CURIE.PushIt, the transition from Legacy REST API to PUSH API is seamless. Just integrate CURIE.PushIt, and voila—your application is now equipped with real-time updates through the PUSH API.

This process leverages CURIE.PushIt's capability to handle the transition effortlessly, ensuring minimal disruption and immediate responsiveness in your application.

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