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    CURIE enhances gaming with swift protocols, global teammate presence, and low-latency multi-CDN routing for instant responsiveness worldwide.

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    Real-Time Charts, Graphs
    and Scoreboards

    CURIE minimizes scoreboard, chart, and graph latency to sub-millisecond levels with a global API network for streamlined, scalable performance.

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    Blockchain RPC Endpoints

    CURIE optimizes blockchain RPC endpoints, globally distributing loads for enhanced performance, availability, and cost-efficient scaling.

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    CURIE enhances WebSocket APIs, cutting latency, boosting reliability through a global edge server network—ideal for critical real-time communication.

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    CURIE boosts JSON-RPC API over WebSocket and HTTP, ensuring fast connectivity, scaling, subscription merging, and efficient caching for reduced load and costs.

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    Financial Data

    CURIE transforms financial data endpoints with rapid access, real-time updates, and efficient caching for low latency during peak traffic.

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    CURIE's global API network bridges Web3 latency, empowering decentralized applications with real-time data, near-instant transactions, and seamless scalability.

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    In-App Chat

    CURIE supercharges in-app chat with sub-10ms latency using WebSocket/MQTT, real-time updates, and dynamic multi-CDN routing for seamless global interactions.

Unleashing the Power of Next-Gen Connectivity

Embark on a journey of digital evolution with CURIE's API CDN, reshaping the landscape with enhanced connectivity, exceptional performance, and boundless scalability.

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