Cookie Policy

We use cookies to understand more about our Users (“User” or “you” or “your”) and to improve your experience across the website.

Cookies are small text information or text files which often contains unique identifiers that help in enhancing your browsing experience through storing small pieces of information every time you visit a new page over your internet browser. The technology helps the previously visited websites to remember any User, their browsing preference as well as saves the User’s time in re-entering the Website during any future visits.

Any personal information we collect is used to offer relevant support, inform you about new or updated services, send promotional offers, surveys, relevant marketing offers and to prevent the abuse or misuse of our service.

To enhance your experience on the website, you need to give your consent to store cookies on your device when accessing the website, which will store the data and information entered by you on the website. The cookies stored will make your experience seamless during any future visits. The other websites you access over the internet browsers will not have any access to your stored data and information. However, in case you do not want us to personalize the experience for the future visits, you can disable the use of cookies technology through the options available within the internet browser. If you reject your consent to storing cookies on your device or disable storing cookies from your internet browser, you may still be able to access our website, however, your access to certain features of the website may be limited. Cookies help in remembering the User’s login credentials as well, which makes it easier for you to re-enter the website in future without much hassle.

CURIE shall be using the following technology for creation or processing of cookies on User devices:

  1. The cookies will be created and read using Javascripts, using 'document.cookie' property.
  2. The cookies created will be stored in name-value pairs.

Following are the standards and policies we have in place to safeguard personal information:

  1. Any sensitive data that may constitute or contain sensitive information of the User will not be stored in Cookies.
  2. We will use session cookies wherever possible, which is only for temporary use and is limited to a particular timeframe. The session cookies expire, whenever a session on the internet browser expires.
  3. We will use cookies with strict expiration.
  4. We will use the Http Only and the secure flags of cookies to ensure safety of the data.
  5. Same site flag will be set to strictly prevent data sharing with other websites linking to our site and to mitigate the risk of cross site request forgery.
  6. The domain will be left empty (HostOnly Cookie) to avoid subdomains from using the cookie and storing any personal information of the User.