In-App Chats: Instant, Reliable, and Scalable

Empower your in-app experiences with CURIE. CURIE achieves sub-10ms chat latency through rapid WebSocket/MQTT protocols, setting a new standard for instant communication. Its dynamic multi-CDN routing ensures seamless interactions and reliability globally.

As Web3 evolves, CURIE tackles latency, optimizes data distribution, and elevates in-app scalability. Say goodbye to geographical constraints, as CURIE orchestrates low-latency interactions globally, transforming your in-app communications into a symphony of speed and unparalleled performance.

Ignite your In-App Chats

CURIE makes latency a thing of the past. Subscribe to Superiority with sub-10ms Latency, dynamic CDN routing, and API Push.

Elevating API Performance Across the Spectrum

From improved performance and reduced server load and enhanced scalability, CURIE radically changes the way you handle data and interactions.

Accelerate Your Innovation with CURIE