Improve the performance and availability of real-time WebSocket APIs

CURIE enhances WebSocket performance and scalability through real-time optimization via API Push Subscribe. The geographically distributed server group accelerates connectivity, scaling, and content caching, simplifying real-time streaming API development.

With CURIE, data can be efficiently pushed to browsers, mobile apps, servers, and devices, optimizing end-user experiences and delegating complexity for businesses. As the demand for real-time experiences continues to rise, businesses seek straightforward solutions to integrate real-time push capabilities into their existing infrastructure. Curie simplifies the process and enables businesses to delegate the complexity and load associated with real-time data push.

Redefine Instantaneous Push with WebSocket API

Elevate your WebSocket API for instantaneous push with CURIE, the advanced API CDN enhancing real-time communication capabilities.

Master Real-Time API push with CURIE

Perfecting instantaneous API push, CURIE's API CDN transforms your communication, ensuring swift and responsive interactions with every push.

Accelerate Your Innovation with Curie