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Why choose CURIE?

Improved Performance

CURIE minimizes processing by serving cached responses, ensuring faster subsequent requests.

Reduced Server Load

Cached responses in CURIE ease server load, requiring fewer computational resources for efficient request handling.

Enhanced Scalability

With reduced server load and improved performance, CURIE boosts API scalability without compromising speed or responsiveness.

Bandwidth Optimization

CURIE minimizes data transmission, conserving bandwidth for large or frequently accessed resources.

Better User Experience

CURIE enhances user experience with real-time access to updates and reduced waiting times.

Lower Latency

CURIE facilitates faster responses by avoiding server reprocessing, reducing network latency and improving API responsiveness.

Consistency and Stability

CURIE's caching ensures consistent and stable responses, preventing performance fluctuations during peak usage or concurrent requests.

Offline Support

During server downtimes, CURIE provides limited functionality or access to cached data for uninterrupted service.

Use Cases

Scale Effortlessly, Build Without Limits

  • web3


    CURIE enhances gaming with swift protocols, global teammate presence, and low-latency multi-CDN routing for instant responsiveness worldwide.

  • web3

    Real-Time Charts, Graphs
    and Scoreboards

    CURIE minimizes scoreboard, chart, and graph latency to sub-millisecond levels with a global API network for streamlined, scalable performance.

  • web3

    Blockchain RPC Endpoints

    CURIE optimizes blockchain RPC endpoints, globally distributing loads for enhanced performance, availability, and cost-efficient scaling.

  • web3


    CURIE enhances WebSocket APIs, cutting latency, boosting reliability through a global edge server network—ideal for critical real-time communication.


Protocols Supported

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